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VIP Chic is one of the UK's best kept secrets. We are a small family run business, not interested in being the biggest business our focus is being the best business. To achieve this status we do not sell a ton load of products we just sell the right ones. The majority of our furniture is made in Europe which is a plus in itself because you can rest easy knowing you are going to receive a quality product. As well as only wanting to sell quality products it is also important to us to reduce the carbon footprint where we can. 

We are not massive and don't intend to be massive however we do intend to be the best, to achieve this we have the right products at fair prices and provide an unrivalled customer service...we are quirky and have no problem standing out from the crowd just like the furniture we select.

Our customers are quality customers just like you that are proud of their homes and take pride in the items they put in it. Just like you they want better than average home furniture.

You're not going to get the usual we're this and we're that we do everything perfectly boring blurb from us.

There is no other online furniture store like us....our transparency sets us apart from anyone, you will always know where you stand with us.

At the end of the day we are human and work with humans the majority of the time although we've had to deal with a few jackass's along the way. Humans can occasionally make mistakes, vehicles can break down, sicknesses can cause production delays. On the rare occasion these factors cause things to go tits up however we promise to deal with matters, quickly, efficiently and with transparency. We work with the most reliable manufacturers in the industry which means we can turn around rare hiccups swiftly. This unrivalled savvy approach and our commitment to providing an excellent service is what makes us 99.99% perfect!! 

Apologies in advance if you find some of our wording on our site a bit "out there" but someone's got to make the online shopping world a bit more interesting.

If you read this far thank you for being interested in us and we look forward to putting a smile on your face in more ways than one....see you already to started to smile....that's 1 up!