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In the corner of a sun-kissed room, Stands a partially glazed gorgeous piece— A white high gloss display cabinet, Its secrets veiled behind crystal panes.

Two doors, like gates, swing open, Inviting curious souls to peer within. The silver trim gleams, a whispered promise, Of treasures hidden, memories preserved.

Glass shelves cradle delicate heirlooms, Porcelain teacups, their floral patterns , Echoes of laughter, whispered confessions, And the scent of old books, yellowed with time.

The cupboard below holds its own mysteries, A sanctuary for dinnerware, forgotten letters, And perhaps a long lost love’s dried rose petals, Pressed between pages, eternally fragrant.

High gloss, like morning dew on petals, Reflects the room—a dance of light and shadow. The cabinet stands proud, a silent storyteller, Whispering tales of generations past.

The partially glazed doors, it holds its secrets close, A tantalizing glimpse into lives well-lived. And when night falls, and the moon weaves dreams, The cabinet sighs, content in its duty.

So raise your glass to this glossy keeper, The guardian of memories. May it continue to hold our stories, In its white embrace, forever and always.

  • Made in Italy
  • Glossy lacquered finish
  • White gloss display cabinet
  • Chrome trim
  • Assembly required
  • Internal shelving
  • 2 door white gloss display cabinet 
  • This white gloss display cabinet is perfect for living rooms
  • Designed with style and quality in mind
  • The relaxed design works with any dining table and high gloss furniture
  • Matching items are available separately
  • 4-5 weeks delivery

  • W 112cm x D 45cm x H 180cm


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Bobby Dazzler 112cm Wide White High Gloss Display Cabinet

Product Code MMODDISP112